Festive Dinner

Christmas at Gigli's 

Do your Christmas food shop all from the comfort of your own home.

Make yourself a brew and browse all of our Christmas Fayre. You can choose all of your Christmas meat individually or make the most of one of our Christmas Hampers, bringing you all of your Gigli's favourites at the click of the button.

Roast Beef


First things first - the most common question we get when customers are ordering their Christmas meat is

"How large a joint do I need for (X) amount of people"

So I thought I would address this now 


4kg-4.5kg = 6-8 people

5kg-5.5kg = 8-10 people

6kg-6.5kg = 10-12 people 

Boneless Roasting Joints

1kg = 4 people

1.5kg = 6 people

2kg = 8 people 

A general rule of thumb is 250g per person 

Christmas Hampers